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performance testing

Performance testing is an increasingly popular service choice by many enterprises. However, still few employers know what these tests really are. So why is it worth deciding and what is performance testing?

Performance testing the best solution. You should know that performance testing is an attempt to load the server, database and the application itself based on the prepared usage scenarios. This includes searching, and setting up an account, as well as using the forum and other similar activities. You must also not forget that performance testing also includes generating virtual users who perform the given scenarios.

The result of the test is a report on inefficient elements and modification recommendations. The critical point of the system is indicated, negatively affecting the performance of the final product.

Stress test readily used in banks

At present, none of us can imagine life without banks. Financial houses nowadays are a real power and that's where we put all our savings. However, for such banks to be safe, special performance tests are often carried out. What are the most popular and what they rely on?

Performance testing very useful
Stress tests are very popular. They allow you to assess the risk in the bank and predict the crisis. It is for this reason that very many institutions are often subjected to such controls.

Stress tests are not without flaws and still need improvement. The biggest problem is the low comparability of results between banks. First of all, various capital groups apply different valuation methods, which means that often, even after checking the correctness of the valuation, the same loan may have a different value for one bank and the other.

What are performance tests?

Performance tests are used by more and more enterprises. Such a procedure is performed for a reason, because it is with such tests that we have the opportunity to thoroughly examine your equipment. So what are the advantages of performance testing? What are these tests?

Eagerly selected performance tests
Performance tests belong to the group of extra-functional tests and are carried out according to established scenarios using the website. The first step is to prepare a test plan in which you should first determine the use scenario. It is very important in this case to determine the path of navigation on the website. You can not forget about the number of users and the time taken to carry out activities.
The benefits of such tests are very large. First of all, performance testing allows us to check our equipment, and thus determine its speed.

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Stress Testing

stress testing

Recently, specialists assessing the condition of our banks use a variety of advanced computational techniques. Only thanks to this they are able to develop really real results. One of such tools is stress test. So what exactly is this performance testing? Is it really profitable to use it?

Stress test describing the condition of banks

The preparation of financial institutions in the event of acute crises is being measured today by means of stress tests. They have become fashionable and are more and more sophisticated.
Their main goal is to check if the bank will have enough capital to survive the financial storm. For the first time stress tests appeared in the early 90s in the USA. By the end of the last century, more savings and credit institutions were going bankrupt in the United States. They did not have enough capital to cover losses resulting from the collapse of the real estate market in parts of American cities. That is why it is so important to frequently test banks using such solutions to predict sudden situations.

Advantages and disadvantages of stress test

Stress tests are tests of banks resilience to potential economic problems. They consist in checking how these institutions would cope in the event of a recession, rising unemployment, falling stock markets, loss of confidence in sovereign bonds, or an increase in bad loans. So what are their greatest advantages?

Performance testing is willingly performed
Currently, more and more state institutions are deciding to use modern computing technology. This is very important because it is thanks to this that we have the opportunity to predict a lot of difficult situations.

The most important function of these stress tests, as well as their greatest advantage is the fact that they correctly assess the risk of reserves for loans that are unpayable on time and how loans are secured. In addition, they show whether the funds financing their activities are stable enough to cope with a possible next crisis.

How to carry out stress test?

Many people think that today the financial crisis will not reach us. However, whoever thinks this is in great error. Our problems may start unexpectedly and then nothing will save us. For this reason, many state institutions recently use sophisticated computing systems to predict such unexpected events. Performance testing is often performed. One of them is stress test, which is used, among others, in banks.

Performance tests are very important
Stress test is an action by means of which us can check the bank's resilience to crises. The study of banks consists of two parts. In the first one, the quality of assets is reviewed. Specialists check whether there are so-called toxic loans or risky securities in banks' balance sheets.

The second part is submitting the banks to the test, i.e. examining how the bank's own funds would change in the next 3 years as a result of the implementation of the base and shock scenarios.

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